Friday, July 24, 2015

Final lesson observation - coming soon

Ms. April Smith                                                                                                                                                                            
Lesson Topic: 
Reading  - The Skeleton Key   
with comprehension integration

Essential Question's (EQ's):  
  • How would you answer this literal or inferential question based on information presented from the text? 
  •  What are some details that support the theme of today’s story?   
Date Taught:  
July 27th (10:45 - 11:15)

What went well: (TBD)

What did not go as planned:  (TBD)

How to change for subsequent lessons:  (TBD)


  1. What went well was the students were interactive with the lesson. We all read the story together. I printed out pictures of skeleton keys and offered them to the students at the conclusion of the lesson. Each student had the opportunity to read aloud the questions to keep them expecting a chance to read next. I was prepared ahead of time with materials for the students and enrichment opportunities for the early finishers. There was a para-professional available to check throughout the lesson.

    What did not go as planned was that the students did not understand the vocabulary for playing pool with a cue stick. I took time to open google images to show a: dartboard and cue stick.

    To change for subsequent lessons I would probably go around and have individual students read a couple sentences or paragraph so I can hear their fluency and voice during the reading. I would have rather read the story to the students then listen to individual students read. Then take time for the students to answer the comprehension questions independently for formal assessment.

  2. April, I think having those enrichment activities and opportunities ready right away is amazing. That way you don't have to scramble with ideas for such students to have to complete. I also enjoyed reading that you modified your lesson according to your students' needs.

  3. I liked how you kept your students engaged and anticipating throughout your lesson.I also liked how you took the time and looked up images to help your students have a better understanding on how to play pool.