Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tomorrow is the final day of my practicum!

Week 1 - EDEX 962/963

July 6, 2015

Thank you so much for always visiting our Happy Camper 2015 blog. I hope you enjoyed all the posts and pictures during the past 16 days. I met many highly intelligent students and teaching at the Summer Learning Place was very helpful! I taught reading, writing, math, and functional behavior to 3rd and 4th graders. Tomorrow is July 30th our final day in attendance. This experience was truly amazing

How do I feel about this course now that it is complete?  I am still excited that I had the opportunity to work with students here in the Upstate.  I believe we were able to improve knowledge for academic success. I am proud of the upcoming final performance where student will speak on stage as to why they want to go to college.  It's never too early to talk to students about their future in education.  

Let's check to see if I reached my 3 goals:  

1. Did I help students master reading, writing, math, and behavior goals. I was able to identify a reading benchmark for instructional or grade level, and tracked fluency progress all four weeks.  We worked on identifying sight words, sounding out words, and learning new vocabulary in the content.  
We worked on telling time, multiplication, measurement, calculations, and number operations using problems solving skills on grade level.  We focused heavily on the writing process and took time to work our way through each step based on the main idea and supporting details from extended passages or given prompts.  
Behavior was tracked using quantitative data with percentage ranges comparable to their peers with specific positive and negative points addressed in detail.  Behavior was noted for time and day, data logs were sent home to parents for immediate feedback.  

2.  Did I communication weekly with parents. I completed my students' reports with relevant detailed information related to all 3 academic achievement domains (math, writing, reading) and the 1 functional behavior domain.  All reports were sent home within the allotted time.  

3.  Have I successfully completed my summer Practicum? I have now completed all 3 observations where I taught a lesson based on a set day and time.  The lessons were thorough including objectives, standards, accommodations, early finisher activities, and differentiated instruction for total interaction.  A para-professional was included on the instruction to assist with further academic needs of the students.  Following the observed lesson, I reflected to tell what went well or what needed improvement.  

Great Experience!

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