Friday, July 24, 2015

What information would assist me in if you were this child's teacher?

MJ - I would be interested to see the actual medical report related to the diagnosis as well as the most recent psych report.  I would be interested to see the MAP scores from Fall and Spring to compare (all performance goals from math, language usage, and reading). What current balanced literacy level is the student working on related to comprehension?

IK - I would be interested to see the report card grades for each quarter.  I would be interested to see a qualitative report from last year's teacher related to how student works and interacts compared to same age peers. Is student involved in any extra-curricular activities to assist with ability to follow steps within a given time related to the actual directions?  Are there any cues in place to assist student with follow verbal, and written directives which appears to be a weakness.

C.Mc. - I would like to see the current and previous IEP from the annual and/or reviews.  When was the last time there was a reevaluation review?  What are students MAP scores from Fall to Spring (for student growth in comparison with typical student growth), and what are the current academic achievement goals to work on towards mastery.  Are there any behavior plans in place related to interspective and intrapective intelligences?  Does the special education teacher use instructional and grade level content with the needed encouragement?  Is there a team building and relationship process in place (EX:  check in, check out)?

TJ - Is this student in challenge?  What are his district and statewide assessment scores (specifically percentile ranges, lexile ranges)?  Does student have social interactions comparable to grade level peers?  What are the ACT Aspire scores as this would have been the 1st year student took this type assessment, considering student's higher order ability. I would be curious to see how student  performed without the accommodations considering this assessment was timed.  What would students previous teacher(s) say about writing ability and were there opportunities to talk about the writing process prior to having to write?

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